PhytoBalm Krem

Mengde: 100 gram
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Ni*** D
Love this product. I use this on dogs and horses. For wounds , rashes, sore or broken skin works brilliantly. It tends to repel flies too which is a bonus especially if your horse has a small wound where the flies are attracted to it. Hilton herbs are very efficient with delivery and I love the free sample of treats you send out. Win, win!
Li** ****ay
this has been great when my dogs have had any issues with their feet the tub is the perfect size that I can just put their feet straight in the pot and it gets all between their toes without too much fuss
An**** ****ey
I love this product. It absorbs quickly, is easily applied with no mess, and most importantly, it works!!! And the fact that it is made of natural ingredients is an added bonus.
Ka** ****ey
I have used this cream now for many years. Fantastic results every time. My horses are chestnut and can be very sensitive but I have confidence this never causes any reaction. I have used this for wounds, fly bites and general skin reactions with fab results every time.
HE***** ********ON
Been really good for my dogs skin. He has a hypoallergenic diet and I have used vet medication, but since using Phytobalm, his fur is back and his sore, irritated, moist skin has improved within a day of application.
********* *****on
I have used this cream on my horses for years on everything from scratches to more serious wounds. At present i am using it on my husbands horse who sliced up into her back leg just above the joint. It has reduced the proud flesh and is healing the wound so that the whole thing is knitting back together. Absolutely brilliant!
Ri***** ******n,
Recommended by a friend for our elderly liver Flatcoat’s skin, we have tried many other products, but this is the best, quick acting and economical. He stopped licking right away and it soon healed. For the last ten days my wife has had a painful rash on her back, in desperation we tried some Phytobalm today, Great Result, within 20 minutes a big improvement, she even managed a walk with the dogs and has now gone to sleep for the first time in days.
da**** ******lm
I was given a sample of this when i was down at Crufts last year. This Phytobalm is excellent and well worth having in your cupboard for your dogs.
I have used Phytobalm on my African Grey parrot's feet when he just came to me with a bumblefoot problem. Only after three applications spread over one week the improvement was significant - the skin became more supple, the sore spots almost completely disappeared and little cracks soon healed too. And I didn't have to worry about him ingesting it when grooming his feet because the product is all natural. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!