Urtebasert krem for hester m  mugg, hudplager, såre koder  - antibakteriell og soppdrepende

Mengde: 250 ml
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Ch******* ****ts
Now, the miracle Mud Defender Lotion 'gale gone'. Wow, clean, apply, next day the soreness has gone. Brilliant. He does look like a dalmation..white with black spots ( the skin is red ) but honestly, overnight, the skin was much better.
In** *********
I tried this for my Friesian horse who always has a sensitive skin. It works well on his skin, he likes it and it calms down different kinds of itching. I believe it gives some relieve for summer itching as well, although I have to try it a bit longer to be sure about that.
**** ****dy
Got this product a month ago and within 2 days the area on the back of my gelding's pasterns had calmed down. Over the next week the whole area had reduced and is now completely under control despite hunting twice a week. Only a smear on top of the affected area once a day gives the best results I've ever found.