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Hi, you kindly sent me some of your products when I offered a home to Stuccador, one of Sophie Spiteri’s re-homed racehorses... I have used your Hoof & Health blend with great results!! The hooves are transitioning and are not perfect, but the new growth is much better and old damage due to abscesses is healing well. Thank you!!
This product really helped my TBs feet She’s barefoot and has been for a while I swap and change between this and the herb power to keep optimum body condition
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I started feeding this, along with another HH product, to my miniature shetland who has be 'prone to laminitis'. After about a month he perked up no end and has been running around and acting like a completely different pony. I couldn't believe the difference - considering I had been debating about having him put down. As the Spring is fast approaching I'm just about to order some more and will be watching him carefully to see how he gets on this year.
I have a mare that had white and fragile hooves and i had trouble to go barefoot with her. Since using this supplement, her hooves are much stronger and she is comfortable barefoot. I recommend this product.
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I was just about ready to give up with my young horses feet when I started feeding hoof and health. We had struggled for months to keep a set of shoes on him for longer than 2 weeks without the hoof crumbling. Being 17.3hh and almost 700kg, going barefoot wasn't an option for us at the time as he would become sore within hours of losing a shoe. He has now been on the supplement for about 6 months. I can honestly say the difference in his feet is remarkable. His hooves have a lovely natural shine to them. They seem much more 'solid' and his is a much happier horse. My farrier is also a much happier one, as he no longer gets a phone call last thing on a Friday asking to put a shoe back on! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve the all round condition of their horses hooves.
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I started feeding Hoof & Health to my Cushings pony about 2 months ago and have seen an amazing difference in his coat shedding already after about 2 weeks he started moulting and although his coat is still thick it is lovely and shiny and much shorter so no need to clip. His feet have also started to look better quality horn coming down from the coronet so looking good. This is also very economical to feed I was surprised how little I had to feed.
I love this product. Far more effective and loads cheaper to the hoof supplement I was using before I found Hilton herbs Hoof and Health. My ponys hooves are already much stronger and growing better and he has only been on it 2/3 months. Will definitely be buying more!
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We rescue horses, so when they come in to us, their feet are often in very poor condition. After regular use, our horses' feet had become so strong that the farrier asked us to stop using it regularly as the hooves were becoming too hard to trim! Our horses go barefoot. People often stop to admire the wonderful condition our horses are in.
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My mare's feet had become very dry and brittle. I've been giving the Hoof & Health supplement for nearly 3 months, and can already see a big difference in her feet, they are so much stronger. I shall certainly keep on using it.
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Dear Hilary I just wanted to thank you for sharing your herbs with all us horse lovers. I started using your Hoof & Health over a year ago. My barrel-racer, Stewart, has a weak hoof wall that always fell apart, even with shoes on. I tried everything and nothing helped until I used the seaweed & rosehip combination, that is Hoof & Health. His feet are wonderful! The hoof wall is healed and all his feet are in excellent condition. My farrier is amazed! Mary Lee