fòrtilskudd til hestens immunforsvar – styrker hele hestens kropps system, henter seg raskere.

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Su* **ew
It is reassuring to give Equimmune to my grey horse who, as he ages, may become more prone to lumps and bumps. I wanted help to keep any problems under control and his immune system in top condition and Equimmune does just that. Used in combination with Virex Cream where necessary it's proving very effective.
Zo* **ll
This is the second horse I've used Equimmune with, but the first time I've used it combined with Virex Cream. After two and a half months, we have success ! Thank you, it's fantastic.
*** ******on
Elf is the second horse I have used Equimmune.With both horses complete success. The hair grown back normally within 3 months. Fantastic product and very kind!
Em** *******on
thank you enough for the wonderful equimmune gold and virex cream products that I have used on my mare. Thank you so much Em
******* ****es

From actual experience I have found that the combination of using the Equimmune Immunity Formula alongside the VireX Cream really supported the healing process.