100% urteblanding for hester som sliter med mugg, lymfangitt, eksem, ringorm, dårlig pels  -  forebyggende og som terapi

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After trying many other products without result, I tested one of my horses on the Mud Defender. It hurt when he jumped because of scabs in the pasterns; after 15 days of using the supplement and local lotion, and for the last 3 months all the scabs have disappeared. In the Winter although he was out in the field the scabs have not returned! I am very happy with this product.
Mud Defender 3 måneder  siden
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Tried on my horse who goes out to the fields every day: scabs disappeared and 3 months after they have not returned.
Mud Defender 3 måneder  siden
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Thanks to having used the Mud Defender supplement throughout the wettest winter I have ever seen, and on record, my horse’s skin has been manageable and enabled me to turn him out and maintain healthy skin. Great Product Thank you Hilton Herbs.
Mud Defender 3 måneder  siden