100% naturlig urteblanding for hester som trenger mer konsentrasjon, stresse mindre, kommunisere bedre

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Na***** ****ey
Back at home, she is super calm about being in the barn by herself when I tack up, which was something that made her anxious before and needed a haynet to distract her. She feels so much softer when I ride. I'd thoroughly recommend you try this; I reckon it took 4 weeks of the dried herb to start to have an impact and then it was all plain sailing. I am just about to order more because I'm really enjoying the improved version of my lovely pony!
Calm&Colleted 3 måneder  siden
Absolutely love calm and collected, it has made a real difference to my mare this winter on limited turnout, she is so much more happier and relaxed in herself. It did, as it says, take at least 4 weeks to get into her system and for me to see a difference, but what a difference, its worth the wait to see the results :).
Calm&Colleted 3 måneder  siden
**** ****on
I am a herbalist, using lots for me, hubby and a little for my 7 rehomed abused ponies. I tried the Calm & Collected supplement and I cannot believe what a good balance you have in yours. THANK YOU. My Welsh mare was so wild and traumatised she had to be darted from a rifle to catch her, she even broke a vets leg! I was really worried and then bought a tub of your product. I can’t believe how well it is working, I can get her into a pen for feeding, she takes treats from my hand and yesterday
Calm&Colleted 3 måneder  siden
After a fright with a motorbike and other instances my shetland stallion had become completely unmanageable even turning him out was a struggle. In the past had tried other calmers with no effect but bought Calm And Collected over a month ago and within ten days I could see a difference. Now I have my sweet pony back who is calm and not at all dangerous he may even continue with being broken to carriage that is what a miracle this product has been! thanks!
Calm&Colleted 3 måneder  siden
em*** ***te
hi , after trying a few other calmers on our young nervous pony we gave up . then by chance i saw this in my local horse food shop .i decided to buy it and put pony on it everyday in his breaky and about a week or so later we had a different pony , hes so much more settled in everyway , hes deffinately more content in himself .this product really makes a big difference. he even loves his head being cuddled which is amazing as he wasquite head shy when we bought him . fab product very happy pony
Calm&Colleted 3 måneder  siden
*** **ws
Being of the older generation i am not easily convinced about much! My story starts when i bought a 5 year old mare from the sales at Malvern! Boy was she Quirky!When i was putting in an order for herbs i noticed the special needs link and found Tempramend ( Calm & Collected) for sensitive horses, I ordered it and it arrived quickly. I started feeding it straight away. She did a Walk trot dressage test recently and won it and got 76%!!! Now I'm Hooked. totally different Horse! cant thank you enough...Sue
Calm&Colleted 3 måneder  siden
Em*** *au
Last summer my pony Tequila moved from the south of France, where we used to live, up to Lincolnshire UK. It was a very long journey and my main concern was that she was undoubtedly going to be very anxious. About three weeks before our departure, I started giving her Temperamend ( Calm & Collected) Tequila can be a little fussy and I was concerned as to whether or not she would eat it but, presumably because it must taste as good as it smells (the smell actually made me feel relatively calm myself), she ate it up with enthusiasm. She arrived very safely and very happily in England. The transport company said she was really calm and relaxed throughout the whole journey and that is thanks, to a large extent, to this product.
Calm&Colleted 3 måneder  siden